‘Go Figure’ 12 Sept – 3 October, 2013

Please join Jenny at the opening of  ‘Go Figure’ on Thursday 12 September, 6-8pm at traffic jam galleries, 41 Military Rd, Neutral Bay.

The exhibition continues to 3 October, 2013

In ‘Go Figure’, Jenny explores figures, flora and fantasy using steel, bronze and resin.  Welcome to a world where nymphs and naiads wander; a time where the earth begins to bloom.  Jenny says “I collect discarded steel, transform it, give it new life…. in much the way that plants can appear seemingly by magic on a bare rock”.

Although her work is industrial, it is light and breezy.  Her intent to capture a moment, a movement, a feeling is reflected in the tension between space and material.

Check out ‘Solitude’, 2.5metres tall and weighing 200kg, being transported to the gallery for the show http://vimeo.com/73913587